Weed Management offers weed control on open, undeveloped land

Vacant Lot Spraying

Vacant lot spraying is how we got our start. Winter weed pressure can turn into a huge eye sore and a major fire hazard in the late spring and through the summer months. Most weeds are managed by disking or mowing, generally an ineffective short-term solution to the problem. Weed control with the use of EPA approved herbicides is a very cost effective and a proactive approach to weed control.

* The solution will effectively manage all weed species

* Treat 100% of the infested area

* Eliminate fire hazards before they arise


 With solar and other forms of alternative energy becoming mainstream and common, weed control for the sites will be critical. With the use of GPS technology, we can provide precision applications to get the level of control expected. With solar being a green energy source, a complete
green site can be accomplished by allowing for grass release by controlling the taller, sun blocking, eyesore broadleaves.


Industrial site weeds can be a blight and an eyesore, we can work with business owners in assisting them with keeping their sites and yards looking as pristine as possible. Bare ground is generally the preferred choice. With our specialized equipment, we can treat 100% of the targeted site.


Housing developments can take years to complete. With each turning winter, weed pressure continues to flourish on the housing pads. We can provide year-long weed control and eliminate the need for mowing on these sites. They will remain weed and debris free until the following winter so the pads can be completed with houses anytime of the year.